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    Letter of Intent Template | Australia


    Do you know to write a Letter of Intent? Don't worry - if not, just download this easy-to-use template for Australia.

    • This standardised digital form can be used for many kinds of transactions just by filling in the appropriate details.
    • The purpose of a letter of intent (LOI) is to ensure that all parties have the same understanding of the agreed terms of the deal before a formal agreement is written up. It also signifies the parties' commitment to finalise the arrangement.
    • It is not a legally binding contract except as it relates to the negotiations between the parties.
    • The parties agree not to consider offers from, or conduct discussions, with any other party with respect to the matter being negotiated.
    • The parties each agree to keep the other's information confidential and not to disclose any information regarding the negotiations.
    • Each party agrees to pay a break-up fee to the other party if negotiations break off for any reason other than a breach of the LOI.

    You can download the Australia Letter of Intent immediately after purchase. This is a Microsoft Word template. Other formats available on request.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 22-March-2021
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    Letter of Intent for Exclusive Distributor


    When negotiating a contract with a distributor to sell your products, it's a good idea to put the negotiating points down in writing in this Letter of Intent.

    • The parties intend the distributor to have exclusive rights to distribute the products within a given territory, and a right of first refusal on additional territories.
    • The distributor will be an independent contractor, and not an employee or agent of the supplier.
    • The supplier will provide products of the highest quality, with all applicable warranties.
    • Target markets are identified.
    • The Letter of Intent itself is an agreement in principle, not a legal contract, and is not legally binding except as it relates to the negotiations between the parties, such as confidentiality provisions.
    • This template is generic, not country specific, and can be used anywhere.

    Download the Letter of Intent form and start the process of adding an exclusive distributor to your network.