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    Share Purchase Agreement | Australia


    Sell of the shares of an Australian corporation to a purchaser under the terms of this Share Purchase Agreement which includes State-specific trade restraint clauses.

    • If required by the purchaser, the parties will jointly conduct a stocktaking of the business before completion of the transaction.
    • Any disputes with respect to the stocktaking will be referred to an expert valuer.
    • The vendor is liable to pay the amount of any loss arising from a reduction in the value of the company's assets, an increase in the liabilities, or any breach of the vendor's warranties.
    • There is no liability in respect of trade debts which are paid in full on or before completion, or within 12 months after they become due.
    • The vendor agrees to encourage the company's clients to use the company's goods and services, and must provide assistance in relation to the ongoing business of the company.
    • Both parties are bound by ongoing confidentiality provisions which will survive the closing.
    • Available as a downloadable MS Word document.
    • Intended to be used only within Australia.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 20-July-2022
    SKU: 9024
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