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    BC Rental Agreement for Camping Gear and Vehicle


    Rent out vehicles and camping gear with this British Columbia Self Drive Vehicle and Camping Equipment Rental Agreement.

    • This template is for outdoor outfitters who lease equipment to campers.
    • Rental rates are calculated on a daily basis. Provincial Social Services Tax and federal GST are calculated on rental fees. Foreign visitors may be able to reclaim their GST.
    • A security deposit is required for all rentals and is refunded upon return of the rental items, less any deductions for loss or damage.
    • All drivers must possess a valid driver's licence with photo ID. Drivers must be within specified age limits.
    • Passengers in the vehicle must not exceed a specified number at any time. All small children must be secured in child safety seats, which are also available for rental. Vehicle travel is only permitted on public roads.
    • The rental company maintains public liability insurance for the rental of the vehicle and equipment. The customer has the option to purchase extra insurance, which reduces the deductible.
    • The customer acknowledges the risks associated with the use of the camping and recreational equipment and assumes full responsibility, and releases the rental company from any liability.
    • The Rental Agreement is governed by British Columbia laws. To download the form, add it to your cart and buy it using our secure payment methods.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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