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    British Columbia Cohabitation Agreement


    If you and your partner live in B.C. and want to keep specific assets as separate property, you need to sign a Cohabitation Agreement in accordance with the British Columbia Family Law Act.

    • Couples who decide to live together instead of getting married do so for a reason. The Family Law Act may offer you additional rights and protections in some regards, but it may also impact your rights regarding your own separate property.
    • This Cohabitation Agreement allows you to specify which separate assets belong to which party, and which assets and property are jointly owned by both partners.
    • You can decide what will happen to your jointly owned assets if and when you separate and the relationship ends.
    • The two of you can also determine how your children will be raised, cared for and supported.
    • You will need to meet with a lawyer so that each of you can obtain independent legal advice before signing the Agreement.
    • Signing a Cohabitation Agreement is a wise move. Download yours today, and discuss it with your lawyer so you know how the Family Law Act affects you.
    • This legal document is only to be used in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.
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    Last Updated: 10-January-2019
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    Canada Separation Agreement (Common Law or Same Sex Couple)


    The end of a relationship is always traumatic. Make the process a little easier by putting the terms of your settlement into this Canada Separation Agreement for common law partners (same sex or opposite sex).

    • Arrangements for custody of and access to the couple's children, and amounts of spousal support and child maintenance to be paid (if any).
    • Both partners will pay the couple's joint debts, and each partner will pay their own individual debts.
    • Terms for dividing property jointly owned by both partners. Each partner will continue to own their respective separate property.
    • Terms for disposition of the couple's home, if it is owned by the partners.
    • List of each partner's assets and liabilities.
    • The form includes an Affidavit of Execution (to be sworn by a witness), a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice or an Acknowledgement and Waiver of Independent Legal Advice (whichever is appropriate).
    • You will need to see a lawyer for independent legal advice before signing this form.

    This Separation Agreement (Common Law or Same Sex Couple) is for Canadian residents. It's easy to fill in with all your personal information, and you can customize it for your circumstances.