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    British Columbia Seed Capital Subscription for Common Share Warrants


    Subscribe for common shares and warrants under an offering memorandum with this template Seed Capital Share Subscription for British Columbia.

    • The purchaser is purchasing the securities for its own account and not for the benefit of another party.
    • The securities are being offered subject to certain registration and prospectus exemptions.
    • The securities will not be offered or sold in the United States or to U.S. Persons, as defined by the United States Securities Act 1933.
    • The purchaser warrants that he/she is a director, officer, employee, founder or control person of the issuer, or is a family member, close friend or business associate of such a person.
    • The purchaser acknowledges that he/she is investing entirely at his/her own risk and may lose all of the investment.
    • The document includes certificate registration and delivery instructions, a list of the exemptions being relied upon, and definitions of the terms used in the Agreement.

    The British Columbia Seed Capital Subscription Agreement for Common Shares and Warrants is a customizable template that you can easily tailor to fit your precise requirements.

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    Last Updated: 11-June-2016
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