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    California Skippered Vessel Charter Agreement


    Rent out a crewed yacht or other water craft to vacationers with this Skippered Vessel Charter Agreement for California.

    • The charter operator will supply the services of a qualified vessel master and crew.
    • The master makes all decisions regarding weather conditions and whether to vary the course of the vessel due to weather, traffic in the area, or any other reason.
    • Only persons of legal age will be allowed to consume alcohol onboard, in accordance with California laws.
    • Smoking, fireworks, illegal gambling, and use of illegal substances are not allowed. The operator strictly enforces the Coast Guard policy of zero tolerance.
    • If the charter is ended early due to weather, breakdown or other reason not caused by the charterer's party, a refund will be issued on a prorated basis.

    Hiring a lawyer to draft up a similar agreement could cost you hundreds of dollars. This California Skippered Vessel Charter Agreement is a downloadable template that saves you time and money.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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