Co-Location Agreement | Canada


Canadian internet service providers, prepare a Co-Location Agreement for a customer with this easy-to-use template.

  • The customer will co-locate its servers in the ISP's racks, and use its hub and backbone connection for internet access.
  • The service provider will perform installation and hookup, but will not provide troubleshooting or maintenance other than hardware reboots if necessary.
  • The ISP will charge additional fees for excess bandwidth.
  • The customer's internet access is to be used for legal purposes only.
  • The customer indemnifies the service provider against any claims arising from the customer's use of the services.
  • The ISP makes no warranties with respect to the availability of the service.
  • The Agreement is governed by Canadian laws.

This Canada Co-Location Agreement is a fully editable downloadable contract template.

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Last Updated: 18-Jul-2018