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    Crew Deal Memo for Movie or TV Production | Canada


    Prepare a Crew Deal Memo for a film or television production in Canada with this fully editable template.

    • The crew member's employment is to be exclusive to the production.
    • The production company follows a strict nondiscrimination policy in hiring.
    • Provisions for kit rentals.
    • Provision for car payments if the employee / contractor is using their own vehicle.
    • The producer is not liable for theft or loss of the employee's equipment unless it is covered by the producer's insurance under a rental agreement.
    • The employee waives his/her moral rights under the Copyright Act and grants the producer the right to use the employee's name and likeness for press kits and promotional materials.
    • Drug or alcohol use at work is grounds for immediate dismissal.
    • The producer has sole discretion as to whether the crew member receives a screen credit.
    • This is a downloadable form that is easy to customize.
    • Intended for use in Canada.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 05-July-2021
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    Confidentiality Agreement for Film Project


    Do you own the rights to a project being considered for production as a motion picture? Protect those rights with this Confidentiality Agreement for Film Project.

    • The Agreement should be signed by any producer or filmmaker with whom you've been discussing the possibility of developing a project using your material.
    • The producer agrees to keep all information strictly confidential and not disclose it to any third party.
    • The producer will use the information solely for the purpose of evaluating whether to go ahead with a film treatment of the material, and will only disclose the information to individuals that you have approved in writing.
    • The producer will indemnify you against any loss or disclosure, and from all actions, claims or costs arising out of any breach of the agreement by the producers.

    Don't risk having someone else use your ideas - get them to sign the Confidentiality Agreement form before you let them see your material. This is a digital template that can be re-used as often as you like.

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