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    Directors Resolution for Shareholder Cash Call | Canada


    Pass a motion for a cash call on the shareholders of a Canadian corporation with this template Directors Resolution to Authorize Shareholder Cash Call.

    • A cash call would be necessary to finance the corporation's operations if its current financial status makes it difficult or impossible to obtain conventional financing from a bank.
    • The Board of Directors resolves to go to the shareholders to request an influx of operating capital.
    • This is a downloadable and fully editable Microsoft Word form.
    • The Resolution template can be used in any Canadian jurisdiction with a Business Corporations Act.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 23-February-2021
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    Canada Directors Resolution to Declare Safe Income Dividend


    Declare a safe income dividend for shareholders of a Canadian corporation with this downloadable Directors Resolution template.

    • The corporation's directors declare a 'safe income' dividend pursuant to the Income Tax Act (Canada) on a specified class of shares.
    • Payment of the dividend is conditional upon the shareholders' undertaking to repay their pro rata share of the dividend if the total cumulative dividend exceeds the 'safe income' as determined by the corporation's accountants.

    Canadian law requires the directors to give corporate approval by passing a resolution before a safe income dividend can be declared. Buy and download the form now.