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    IT Outsourcing Consulting Agreement | Canada


    Outsource your IT management to an outside consultant with this Information Technology Outsourcing Consulting Agreement for Canada.

    • The IT consultant will supply a sufficient number of staff to perform the services being contracted for.
    • The customer will have the right to request a replacement of any of the IT staff it considers unsuitable.
    • The consultant will make all the necessary payroll deductions and remittances for its employees, including EI and workers' compensation.
    • The consultant will submit a written monthly operations report breaking down the hours spent on each project, list of services completed, budget issues, etc.
    • The parties' respective ownership and proprietary rights in the software and documentation is covered.
    • Each party agrees not to solicit the other's employees for a period of time after the Agreement is terminated.
    • You can easily customize the Canada IT Outsourcing Consulting Agreement to suit your unique needs. Buy, download, start using immediately.
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    Last Updated: 29-January-2021
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