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    Canada Letter of Intent Template


    Need a letter of intent but don't know how to create one? Use this easy Letter of Intent template for Canada.

    • A letter of intent clarifies the points of discussion between the parties prior to preparing a formal agreement, and indicates to lenders, customers, contractors and suppliers that the parties intend to complete the transaction.
    • The LOI is not legally binding for the most part, except for certain provisions such as confidentiality.
    • Both parties agree not to discuss with, or consider offers from, any other party the matters being negotiated between them so long as the letter of intent is in effect.
    • Each party agrees to pay a break-up fee as a penalty if the negotiations are terminated for any cause other than a breach of the LOI.
    • The template can be used anywhere in Canada.

    Get your copy of the Letter of Intent by adding it to your cart, purchasing the form through our secure checkout system, and downloading it to your computer or tablet.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Letter of Intent to Purchase Rental Building


    Issue a Letter of Intent outlining the negotiated terms of purchase of a multi-tenant rental building with this downloadable template.

    • In a lengthy real estate deal, a letter of intent represents to mortgage lenders, contractors and material suppliers that you are ready and able to complete the transaction.
    • The buyer will have an initial inspection period to examine the building and conduct evaluations and due diligence. During this period, the buyer can terminate the transaction at its discretion.
    • The seller is responsible for obtaining title insurance, a new survey, and an environmental report.
    • The seller will pay the real estate commissions. The buyer will pay all of the costs associated with obtaining financing. Each party will be responsible for paying its own legal fees and costs associated with the transaction.
    • Security deposits, prepaid rents and common area maintenance funds held by the seller will be transferred to the buyer at closing.
    • The transaction is conditioned upon the buyer being able to obtain adequate financing.

    Get the wheels in motion on purchasing a rental building with this Letter of Intent. You can download the form immediately after you purchase it.

    Manufacturing Agreement


    Use this comprehensive template to create a Manufacturing Agreement to manufacture products for a customer.

    • The manufacturer is granted a non-exclusive right to manufacture and package the customer's products, as well as an exclusive right over any improvements developed by the manufacturer.
    • The customer has the right to purchase any product improvements or developments made by the manufacturer.
    • The manufacturer cannot sell or distribute the customer's products.
    • Quality control provisions.
    • The customer must provide quarterly forecasts of its anticipated requirements.
    • Provisions setting out the procedures for order cancellation and rejection.

    Once you purchase the Manufacturing Agreement template, you'll be able to download it to your PC, laptop or tablet.

    Letter of Intent for Exclusive Distributor


    When negotiating a contract with a distributor to sell your products, it's a good idea to put the negotiating points down in writing in this Letter of Intent.

    • The parties intend the distributor to have exclusive rights to distribute the products within a given territory, and a right of first refusal on additional territories.
    • The distributor will be an independent contractor, and not an employee or agent of the supplier.
    • The supplier will provide products of the highest quality, with all applicable warranties.
    • Target markets are identified.
    • The Letter of Intent itself is an agreement in principle, not a legal contract, and is not legally binding except as it relates to the negotiations between the parties, such as confidentiality provisions.
    • This template is generic, not country specific, and can be used anywhere.

    Download the Letter of Intent form and start the process of adding an exclusive distributor to your network.