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    Nonexclusive Distributor Agreement | Canada


    Enlist distributors to sell your products across Canada with this Nonexclusive Distributorship Agreement for Canadian manufacturers and suppliers.

    • The distributor has to meet predetermined minimum purchase obligations throughout the term of the contract.
    • The distributor must devote a specified percentage of its display space to the products.
    • The supplier must give the distributor 30 days notice before any price change.
    • The distributor is the sole distributor within its allocated territory, but the supplier can appoint other distributors in other parts of the country.
    • The supplier will refer all sales and leads within the territory to the distributor.

    You need a strong distribution network to get your products to the marketplace. Download the Canada Nonexclusive Distributor Agreement and start building your network today.

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    Last Updated: 12-January-2021
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