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    Option to Purchase Land | Canada


    Grant a tenant, a developer or other party an option to purchase a section of land with this downloadable template for Canada.

    • The purchase price will include all permanent fixtures on the land.
    • The vendor has the right to register a covenant restricting the use of the land, which the purchaser must agree to and abide by.
    • The purchaser has the right to register a caveat on the title as public notice of its purchase option.
    • The purchaser can exercise the option for all or just part of the optioned land.
    • The option is irrevocable, meaning the vendor cannot revoke it until the option period has expired.
    • The Option to Purchase Land form does not refer specifically to provincial laws and can be easily modified for use in most Canadian provinces and territories (Quebec excluded).
    • This is a Microsoft Word document that is available for download immediately after you buy it.
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    Last Updated: 07-May-2021
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