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    Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreement (Corporate Redemption Method) | Canada


    Would your business survive the death or retirement of one of the owners? Provide for the continued existence of the business with this Canada Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreement (Corporate Redemption Method).

    • The corporation obtains life insurance policies on each of the shareholders and uses the proceeds to fund the redemption, acquisition or cancellation of the corporation's shares.
    • Upon the death of a shareholder, the corporation redeems the deceased shareholder's shares and makes an election that the deemed dividend is to be paid from the capital dividend account to the extent possible.
    • The Agreement contains several different options for methods of valuating the shares.
    • The Agreement is made pursuant to the Income Tax Act (Canada).
    • This Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreement (Corporate Redemption Method) is available as a downloadable and fully editable MS Word template.
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    Last Updated: 07-February-2021
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