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    Canada Website Privacy Policy (PIPEDA)


    Every website originating in or doing business in Canada which gathers personal information is required by law to post a Privacy Policy under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

    The PIPEDA Privacy Policy covers such matters as:
    • details of how personal information is gathered on the site,
    • how the site operator makes use of the information,
    • use of cookies,
    • transfer of customer information to other parties,
    • release of information to authorities if required by law,
    • security measures,
    • opt-out options,
    • where to find information on PIPEDA.

    The Canada PIPEDA Website Privacy Policy was created in accordance with Canadian privacy legislation.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Website Terms and Conditions of Use


    Download and post these Terms and Conditions of Use on your website to clarify for your site visitors the rules governing how they can use the site.

    • Visitors must observe proper Internet etiquette in all public areas such as chat rooms, forums, and discussion groups.
    • The site operator does not endorse third party products or services offered through the site.
    • Disclaimer and limitation of the website owner's liability for any loss or injury resulting from the visitor's use of the website.
    • Visitors are granted a limited license to use the site content for their own personal use.
    • Ownership of content and intellectual property rights in materials found on the site remain with the owners of such content and materials.
    • Security and privacy issues.

    Having your website's terms and conditions of use posted on every part of your site ensures that your site visitors are properly notified about your website policies and rules.