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    Canada Wraparound Mortgage for Condominium


    Place a wraparound mortgage on a condominium project under this template Canadian mortgage form.

    • The wraparound mortgage covers the entire condo project.
    • The loan includes the remaining balance of an existing first mortgage plus an additional amount requested by the mortgagor ⁄ borrower.
    • Full payments on both mortgages are made to the wrap around mortgagee ⁄ lender, who then forwards the payments for the first mortgage to the first mortgagee.
    • Interest is calculated and compounded monthly.
    • Property taxes are to be paid by the mortgagor in 12 equal monthly instalments.
    • The mortgagee may pay the taxes as they come due and charge interest at the mortgage rate on any debit balance in the tax account.

    To access the Canada wraparound mortgage template, add it to your cart and click the Checkout button to pay for the form. Then download it to your computer.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Alberta Trust and Indemnification Agreement for Land


    Draw up a Trust Agreement for land in Alberta with this downloadable template.

    • The Agreement is made in respect of land which will be registered in the name of the trustee as bare trustee, to be held in trust on behalf of another party who is the beneficial owner.
    • The parties will each pay their separate debts, except for expenses already incurred, which will be paid by the owner.
    • The parties will keep each other indemnified against claims arising with respect to the land.
    • The trustee has the power to lease or mortgage the land, with the consent of the owner.

    The Alberta Trust and Indemnification Agreement for Land template is available as a fully editable Microsoft Word document.