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    Cardlock Operated Fuel Supply Agreement


    Sell fuel in bulk to commercial customers through cardlock operated dispensing facilities under the terms of this Fuel Supply Agreement.

    • Access to Fuel. The customer will be issued access cards to dispense fuel to its vehicles from the pumping facility.
    • Safety Training. All persons who will be pumping the fuel must be trained in safe handling of fuels and proper operation of the pumping facility before they are allowed access to the facility. Failure to comply will be deemed a material breach of the agreement.
    • Certification. All persons who will be dispensing propane must be validly certified by the appropriate national association. Failure to comply will be deemed a material breach.
    • Liability. The customer accepts all risks involved with handling, pumping and transporting the fuel and gives up all rights to sue the supplier for injury, damages or death.
    • Governing Law. The agreement does not contain references to any specific laws or regulations. It can be modified to use in most jurisdictions.
    • How to Obtain the Form. To download the Cardlock Operated Fuel Supply Agreement in MS Word format, add it to your cart and go through our secure checkout system.
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    Last Updated: 22-October-2021
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