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    China Land Lease Agreement


    Lease state-owned land in China with this fully editable Land Lease Agreement.

    • The annual rent for the land is established in accordance with relevant State policies and by agreement of the parties' directors.
    • The tenant is responsible for paying any additional land fees levied by the State.
    • A late payment penalty will be assessed for any rent payment not made when it is due.
    • The tenant has the option to extend the lease at the end of the term.
    • The tenant must comply with all applicable land use laws and regulations of the PRC, as well as provincial and local policies.
    • The land use rights do not include underground resources, public infrastructure or utilities.
    • Ownership of the land remains with the State, and the tenant will only have the right to use the land.
    • Any development plan must be approved prior to commencement of any construction.
    This English language Land Lease Agreement is prepared in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China. A Chinese language version may be required in order to ensure that the lease is legally enforceable.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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