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    Colorado Condominium Purchase Agreement


    This Condominium Unit Purchase Agreement allows Colorado real estate developers to pre-sell units in a residential condo project to buyers while the project is still under construction.

    • The developer agrees that the unit will be completed by the closing date, barring any unforeseen delays for which the developer is not responsible (such as strikes, shortages of materials, etc.).
    • The developer's closing agent will hold the earnest money deposit until closing or until the agreement is terminated, whichever occurs first.
    • The developer will provide the buyer with title insurance on the unit.
    • The developer will pay all taxes, charges and assessments levied by the condominium association up until the date of closing. From that date onward, the buyer is responsible for all such costs.
    • The developer provides a 1-year limited warranty on the labor and materials used in construction of the unit.
    • The agreement also contains clauses regarding radon gas levels and expansive ⁄ low-density soil analysis.
    • The agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Colorado.

    Buy and download the Condominium Unit Purchase Agreement and start selling those condo units right away.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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