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    Feature Film Production Budget Summary


    Draw up a production budget summary for a feature film using this 39-page Excel spreadsheet which includes sections for:

    • above the line expenses (story rights, producer, director, cast, travel and living expenses);
    • production expenses (production staff, camera, set design, construction, striking, set operations, electrical, set dressing, props, special effects, mechanical effects, make-up, hair, wardrobe, locations, transportation, atmosphere, tests);
    • post production expenses (picture editing, sound editing, lab, music);
    • miscellaneous other expenses (overhead, insurance, publicity, etc).

    The Feature Film Production Budget Summary will calculate your totals as you enter your figures. How easy is that? And the template can be re-used for future projects.

    Download Type: Microsoft Excel
    Last Updated: 23-July-2020
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    Film Production Letter of Credit


    Issue a letter of credit for a loan to fund the production of a motion picture with this template Letter of Credit for Film Production.

    • The Letter of Credit (LOC) sets out the procedure the filmmaker must follow to make a draw against the production loan funds.
    • The LOC will be effective for a specified number of days following the commencement of principal photography, and may be renewed and extended for an additional period if required.
    • The LOC is irrevocable.
    • The form also includes a letter to be signed by the completion guarantors confirming delivery of the film and/or digital materials.

    Download the Letter of Credit for Film Production template for your backers. This is a fully editable film production form which can be easily customized for your needs.

    Deferred Compensation Agreement for Film Production


    If you're a struggling filmmaker trying to make your movie on a shoestring budget, try the deferred compensation approach.

    • This Deferred Compensation Agreement is between the producer, investors and other stakeholders in the motion picture.
    • The Agreement outlines the cast, crew, budget, and production schedule of the film.
    • The Agreement breaks down how revenues received by the producer from the film will be applied: first, to payment of outstanding payables, secondly to repaying the investors, and then to the other principal stakeholders.

    A Deferred Compensation Agreement allows you to reduce your upfront costs during production of the film by deferring payment until the film is generating revenues.