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    Film Production Health and Safety Manual


    There are a lot of people working on every film or TV production. As the producer, it's your job to keep them safe. Make sure they all have a copy of this Film Production Health and Safety Manual.

    The Manual details the procedures that must be followed by all cast and crew during filming to reduce the risk of accident and injury and to comply with applicable laws and regulations governing workplace safety, including:
    • filming in and around vehicles (cars, aircraft, trains),
    • working with animals,
    • excavation, demolition, construction,
    • firearms and other weapons,
    • hazardous ⁄ toxic substances,
    • cranes, hoists, elevating platforms,
    • lighting and electrical safety,
    • outdoor, wilderness and water locations,
    • personal protective gear and clothing,
    • stunts and special effects,
    • fire, smoke and fog.

    Implementing health and safety measures not only reduces accidents and injuries, it may lower your insurance premiums. The Film Production Health and Safety Manual should be part of every production company's employee documentation.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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