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    Financial Plan for Film Production


    Before anyone lends you money to complete your film project, they're going to want to see a financial plan. Use this downloadable template to prepare yours.

    The Financial Plan template discloses information about the film production, including:

    • a summary of the script,
    • an overview of the nature of the project, shooting schedule, post-production, and planned release dates;
    • information about the producers, the distributors and international sales agent;
    • a list of key creative personnel (director, screenwriter, editor, performers, composer, etc.);
    • budget and financing information as of the date of the plan, listing sources of support and amounts or percentages.

    You'll have to convince your potential investors that your project is a winner. This template Film Production Financial Plan can help you put together a winning proposal.

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    Last Updated: 23-July-2020
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    Film Completion Guaranty


    A Film Completion Guaranty must be provided by the producer and guarantor as part of the financing process for most independent motion pictures. Use this downloadable template to prepare the document you need.

    • The guarantor is guaranteeing completion and delivery of the film to the lender (financier).
    • If the producer fails to complete and deliver the film in accordance with the terms, the guarantor will take over production.
    • The guarantor is under no obligation under the Guaranty until the strike price (production financing) has been advanced.
    • The guarantor is not responsible for obtaining any rating for the film, or to deliver any materials other than the delivery materials, or for the quality of the film itself.
    • If the guarantor fails to complete and deliver the film, it will repay the financier in full for all sums advanced.
    • The guarantor subordinates any claims it may have against the producer to the repayment of the financier and all of the financier's rights and security interests.
    • The template includes a Notice Cure and Arbitration Agreement.

    Before you can get your funding, you have to get all your paperwork in order, including this Film Completion Guaranty.