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    Financial Plan for Film Production


    Before anyone lends you money to complete your film project, they're going to want to see a financial plan. Use this downloadable template to prepare yours.

    The Financial Plan template discloses information about the film production, including:

    • a summary of the script,
    • an overview of the nature of the project, shooting schedule, post-production, and planned release dates;
    • information about the producers, the distributors and international sales agent;
    • a list of key creative personnel (director, screenwriter, editor, performers, composer, etc.);
    • budget and financing information as of the date of the plan, listing sources of support and amounts or percentages.

    You'll have to convince your potential investors that your project is a winner. This template Film Production Financial Plan can help you put together a winning proposal.

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    Last Updated: 23-July-2020
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