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    Hawaii Notice to Landlord of Needed Repairs


    HI tenants, does your rental unit need repairs? Serve the landlord with this Hawaii Notice to Landlord of Needed Repairs, under the Residential Landlord-Tenant Code.

    • The Notice informs the landlord that repairs are required to the premises which must be commenced by a certain date.
    • If the landlord cannot start repairs by that date, the tenant must be informed and a tentative date for repairs set by the landlord.
    • If the repairs are not commenced by the date in the Notice or the landlord does not set a tentative repair date, the tenant may commence repairs and deduct the cost from the rent, provided the cost does not exceed $500.
    • A Service of Notice form is included, to record the details of service.
    This Hawaii Notice to Landlord of Needed Repairs form is available in MS Word format, and is easy to download, fill in and print.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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