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    Illinois Hunting Lease Agreement


    IL landowners, allow hunters to hunt game on your land, and protect your property, your family and yourself with this Illinois Hunting Lease Agreement.

    • This contract template can be used for individual hunters or for groups and organizations.
    • The hunters pay a fee for the privilege of hunting on the land.
    • Hunters must abide by all state and local laws with respect to hunting and environmental protection.
    • Hunters agree to take proper care of the land, remove all trash, not bring pets onto the land, etc.
    • Hunters must observe all safety measures regarding fire and other dangers.
    • Hunters are responsible for all damage to land, buildings, crops and stock.
    • All hunters who use the land agree to indemnify the landowner against all claims and actions for loss, damage, injury or death.
    • Intended for use only in the State of Illinois.
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    Last Updated: 19-December-2021
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