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    India Partnership Deed


    Establish the terms of a partnership in India with this ready-made Partnership Deed template.

    • Management. One of the partners will be the managing partner and will conduct the partnership's affairs.
    • Capital Contributions. The partners will contribute additional funds to their respective capital accounts as required by the partnership business.
    • Interest. Interest will be paid on the capital and/or loan accounts of the partners. If a partner's capital account has a debit balance, the partner will pay interest to the partnership at an agreed rate.
    • Profits and Losses. Net profits will be distributed among the partners in proportion to their capital contributions. Losses will be allocated on the same basis.
    • Personal Debts. Each partner agrees to pay his separate debts and to indemnify the other partner(s) and the assets of the partnership against such debts.
    • Death or Retirement. No goodwill will be payable on the death or retirement of a partner.
    • Dispute Resolution. The parties agree to binding arbitration in the event of a dispute.
    This India Partnership Deed template is available in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your particular circumstances.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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