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    India Power of Attorney to Collect Debts


    Appoint an attorney to collect and settle debts for you in India with this Power of Attorney to Collect Debts.

    This Power of Attorney form gives your agent (attorney) the power to take action to recover loans and debts owing to you by customers of your business. The attorney has the authority to:
    • demand payment of outstanding accounts,
    • commence legal action for nonpayment,
    • launch insolvency or liquidation proceedings,
    • sign documents,
    • file a defence against legal action taken against you,
    • retain legal counsel,
    • appoint a substitute attorney and delegate powers to him.
    This Indian Power of Attorney to Collect Debts template contains instructions for completing and validating the form, for both Indian residents and expatriates.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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