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    India Technical Collaboration Agreement


    Expand your business into the Indian market by partnering with an existing local company under this India Technical Collaboration Agreement.

    • The contract is between an established Indian company (Indiaco) and a manufacturing company (Foreignco) which is opening a plant in India.
    • Foreignco will provide the engineering and technical know-how, assistance, manufacturing skill, and other technical data and information necessary to build or acquire a manufacturing plant, procure equipment, select raw materials, and assemble and manufacture the products.
    • Indiaco is responsible for procuring patents on its own inventions and improvements, and Foreignco will have the right to use those inventions and improvements in other countries outside India.
    • All taxes payable under the Agreement will be paid by Foreignco.
    • Foreignco guarantees that the technical know-how will enable Indiaco to successfully manufacture the products.
    This India Technical Collaboration Agreement template is downloadable and fully editable to meet your needs.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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