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    Indiana Survivorship Affidavit


    In Indiana, when a joint owner of a property dies, the survivor must file a Survivorship Affidavit to transfer title into his or her name.

    In the Affidavit, you, as the surviving joint tenant, must state:

    • the details of the ownership of the property,
    • that the funeral expenses have been paid,
    • that federal estate tax is not payable on the deceased's assets.

    Download the Indiana Survivorship Affidavit and sign it in front of a Notary. You can then record it at the proper county office to convey title into your name.

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    Last Updated: 07-July-2020
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    Indiana Quitclaim Deed


    Indiana Quitclaim Deed for Joint Ownership


    Transfer the interest in a real estate property in Indiana with this Indiana Quitclaim Deed for Joint Ownership with rights of survivorship.

    • This form would most often be used when one couple is selling a home to another couple, who will be living in the home.
    • The transferors convey their interest in the property to the transferees, but do not provide any warranties regarding the property.
    • The transferees will hold title as joint tenants, with rights of survivorship, which means that if one of them dies, title to the property passes to the surviving joint tenant.
    This Indiana Quitclaim Deed for Joint Ownership form is a Microsoft Word template that is easy to download, fill in and print.