International Joint Venture Agreement


Set up an international joint venture between two or more parties with this International Joint Venture Agreement template.

  • Contributions of Parties. Each of the joint venturers will contribute certain assets to the joint venture, such as tangible property, intellectual property, services and expertise.
  • Management. The day-to-day operations will be managed either jointly or by one of the co-venturers as manager. Executive decisions and changes to the structure or objectives of the joint venture will be made jointly by the parties.
  • Liability of Co-Venturers. Each co-venturer is liable to the joint venture for any delays or restrictions in the use of its contributed assets due to third party claims, defects or other problems.
  • Dispute Resolution. Provisions for dispute resolution, including the appointment of an arbitration tribunal.
This International Joint Venture Agreement template is fully customizable to fit your business needs.
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