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    Kansas Self Storage Rental Agreement


    This Kansas Self Storage Rental Agreement is an ideal way for mini-storage businesses to create customer rental contracts quickly and easily at a great price.

    • You can use this contract for commercial and non-commercial customers.
    • Renters must provide their own locks and obtain their own insurance for the contents of their unit.
    • Renters may access their storage unit only when they are not in breach of the contract.
    • Renters cannot use their storage unit to store dangerous, hazardous or illegal materials.
    • Renters cannot make any alterations to the storage units or assign the rental agreement without the operator's consent.
    • The facility operator has a lien over the contents of the storage unit and can sell the property if the renter is in default for more than 60 days.

    Use this Kansas Self Storage Rental Agreement template to write your contracts and save yourself some time and money.

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    Last Updated: 08-January-2021
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