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    Letter of Intent to Grant Perpetual Software License


    Software publishers can write a Letter of Intent to grant a perpetual software license to a licensee with this easy-to-use template.

    • The letter summarizes the discussions between the parties prior to signing a legally binding License Agreement.
    • The software license will not include upgrades, modifications or new versions of the software.
    • Each party will be entitled to modify the software, but neither party will have any rights in the other party's modifications.
    • The licensee will not have any rights to license or sublicense the software in a manner which would compete with the licensor's business.
    • Confidentiality and non-solicitation provisions covering both parties.
    • The letter of intent is not a legal document in and of itself. It expresses the parties' intentions, but is not a binding obligation on the parties to complete the transaction.
    • This is a generic document which does not reference the laws of any particular country or jurisdiction.
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    Last Updated: 15-June-2021
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