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    Letter of Intent to Hire Public Relations Firm


    Use this easy downloadable Letter of Intent template to negotiate the terms under which you agree to hire a public relations firm to work with your business.

    • The public relations agency will devote at least a minimum specified number of hours each month exclusively to the client's account, and that minimum may be increased as required in order to perform the work.
    • The client will pay the agency a monthly retainer, plus an hourly rate for any time spent on the project over and above the contracted number of hours.
    • The agency will be responsible for all media communications, product demonstrations and market research involved in the client's public relations campaign.
    • The agency will NOT be involved in direct sales or technical consulting.
    • The letter of intent itself is not a legal contract, but rather it is a means of ensuring that both parties have the same understanding of the discussions between them prior to signing a legally binding contract.
    • The document template is not country-specific and can be used almost anywhere.
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    Last Updated: 20-April-2022
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