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    Manitoba Offer to Purchase Commercial Real Estate

    Make an offer to purchase a commercial property for development in Manitoba with this Offer to Purchase Commercial Real Estate.

    The purchase price will include all buildings and improvements, fixtures, fittings, systems, machinery and equipment installed on the property.

    The offer is conditional upon:
    • a satisfactory review by the purchaser of title, zoning approvals, costs, environmental conditions,
    • the purchaser being satisfied with the feasibility of its plan for the land,
    • finalization of the purchaser's development plans,
    • the purchaser being able to obtain adequate financing,
    • the parties executing a development agreement for the property by a date specified in the Offer.
    The purchaser is responsible for reporting and paying any GST applicable to the transaction. The purchaser will also assume all liability with respect to the environmental condition of the land and will indemnify the vendor in that regard.

    This Manitoba Offer to Purchase Commercial Real Estate is provided in MS Word format, and is totally editable to fit your circumstances.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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