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    Manufacturing Representative Agreement


    Appoint agents to market and sell a manufacturer's products within a designated territory with this comprehensive Manufacturing Representative Agreement.

    • The agent is retained on an independent contractor basis, and not as an employee.
    • The manufacturer will refer all requests and orders originating in the territory to the agent.
    • The agent has the right to appoint sub-representatives in the territory, who will be subject to the terms of the agreement.
    • The agent must procure a minimum annual sales quota.
    • Available in MS Word format, fully customizable to fit your requirements.
    • This is a generic legal contract which does not contain references to any specific legislation.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 13-September-2022
    SKU: 3906
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    China Product Supply Agreement


    Set up a manufacturing and distribution facility in China with this template Product Supply Agreement.

    • The contract is between three parties - a buyer (a company that wants to distribute products in China), a Chinese manufacturing firm, and a supplier who will supply components and license its technology to the buyer.
    • Ventures of this kind allow companies to expand their business into international markets by partnering with local firms and with companies that are already doing business in the region.
    • The Agreement contains two separate governing law and dispute resolution clauses, depending on whether or not Chinese laws will govern the Agreement.
    • This contract is intended to be used in conjunction with a Technical Collaboration Agreement between the parties.
    • This Chinese legal document is available in English language version only. A Chinese translation may be required in order to be legally enforceable within China.
    This China Product Supply Agreement template is downloadable and fully customizable.