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    Manuscript Editing Agreement


    Edit and rework an author's manuscript under the terms of this downloadable Manuscript Editing Agreement.

    • The author retains all copyright and other rights associated with the manuscript, including intellectual property, electronic rights, and rights to marketing and promotional products.
    • The editor will revise and rework the manuscript, restructure and reorganize content for clarity, edit for style, grammar, syntax, spelling, create an index and table of contents, proofread, check accuracy of facts and references, and perform any other related services as agreed between the parties.
    • The author will reimburse the editor for any direct out-of-pocket expenses incurred in relation to the editor's duties.
    • The editor is responsible for reporting and paying his/her own income taxes and make any remittances required by law with respect to his/her compensation.
    • The Manuscript Editing Agreement is an ideal contract for freelance editors. You can customize and tailor it for a perfect fit with your unique circumstances.
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    Last Updated: 07-February-2022
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