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    Mississippi Assignment of Leases and Rents


    Mississippi lenders, prepare a Collateral Assignment of Leases and Rents for execution by a corporate borrower, with this fully editable template.

    • The borrower assigns to the lender all of its interest in the leases and rents payable in respect of property owned by the borrower, to secure repayment of a commercial business loan.
    • The lender also has the right to collect all revenues from the leases, including parking fees, taxes and insurance contributions, and liquidated damages after default.
    • The borrower indemnifies and holds the lender harmless from any liability, loss or damage.
    • The borrower will not amend any lease, or terminate or accept surrender of any lease without the lender's consent.
    • All rentals collected from the premises are to be applied firstly to repayment of the debt.
    This Mississippi Collateral Assignment of Leases and Rents form is a fully editable and downloadable MS Word template.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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