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    Monthly Rental Unit Report Forms


    Prepare Monthly Rental Unit Reports quickly and easily with this easy downloadable package of forms.

    • The package contains the following:
      • Receipts to be issued to tenants for payment of rent, damage ⁄ security deposits and any other amounts due under the lease or rental agreement (such as late fees).
      • Monthly rent collection report for all units.
      • Monthly vacancy report.
      • Cost estimate for preparing a unit to be re-rented, which must be filled in for each rental unit that has become vacant.
      • Tenant information forms for all rental units, setting out the name and phone number, security deposit and amount of rent.
    • This forms package is a convenient, affordable and time-saving bundle of digital templates for any property manager.
    • Available in MS Word format, easy to customize to fit your exact circumstances.
    • These are generic templates which can be used anywhere.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 11-October-2023
    SKU: 4346
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    Ohio Security Deposit Statement

    Ohio landlords, prepare a statement of damage deposit amounts for a residential tenant at the end of their tenancy with this Security Deposit Refund ⁄ Claim Statement.
    • The Statement sets out the amount of the original security deposit and any additional deposits, less any deductions being made for unpaid rent or utilities, cleaning charges, repair charges, etc.
    • It also sets out whether a refund is being paid to the tenant or if any additional amount is still owing to the landlord.
    This Ohio Security Deposit Refund ⁄ Claim Statement form is available as a MS Word download which can be filled in on the computer or by hand.