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    Motion Picture Distribution Agreement (producer)


    This Motion Picture Theatrical Distribution Agreement template favors the film's producer instead of the distributor.

    • The producer grants the distributor exclusive rights to distribute, license and exploit the picture in all countries throughout the world except for the United States, its territories, and English-speaking Canada.
    • These rights extend to theatrical, home video, free and pay television distribution, exhibition, marketing and exploitation.
    • The rights granted do not include the right to produce other pictures, or sequels or remakes, or any TV series, programs or other ancillary rights to the picture. The ancillary rights and all other rights in the film are reserved to the producer.
    • The producer has paid or will pay all production costs, taxes and charges with respect to the picture.
    • The distributor will pay a non-refundable advance guarantee upon execution of the Agreement.
    • Gross receipts will be allocated firstly to the distribution fee, then to recoupment of any advance and recoverable delivery expenses, market and promotional expenses incurred by the distributor. The net proceeds will be paid to the producer.
    • The producer will have a lien and security interest on the gross receipts and distribution contracts. As security for payment of the producer's share, the distributor grants a lien and security interest over all of the distributor's interest in the picture and in all proceeds realized by the distributor from exploitation of the picture.
    • The file includes a Schedule of Delivery Requirements and a Schedule of Minimums.

    Most distribution deals are heavily weighted in the distributor's favor. This Motion Picture Theatrical Distribution Agreement changes the deal in favor of the producer instead.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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