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    Nebraska Warranty Deed Form


    Transfer ownership of a Nebraska real estate property from a seller to a buyer with this template Nebraska Warranty Deed form.

    The grantor (seller) covenants that:
    • it has good and marketable title to the real estate,
    • it has the full legal right and authority to transfer the title to the buyer, and
    • it will forever defend the buyer's right to possession of the property.
    This Nebraska Warranty Deed template is a downloadable legal form in MS Word format.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Nebraska Roommate Agreement


    Bring in a roommate to share your tenancy and split the rent with this downloadable Nebraska Roommate Agreement.

    • The landlord must also consent to the Agreement.
    • If a roommate wants to move out, he/she must give 30 days notice and must find a suitable replacement roommate.
    • The rent, security deposit, utilities and other costs are to be paid equally by the roommates, or, alternatively, there is provision to set out how much each party will pay.
    • Each roommate is responsible for complying with the terms of the rental agreement.
    • Each roommate is responsible for their own phone charges and for any long distance or other charges made by a guest of the roommate.
    • There are provisions for household responsibilities, such as groceries, preparing meals, cleaning, etc.
    • If a roommate fails to pay rent or other charges on time, or is in breach of the rental agreement, the roommate's tenancy can be terminated.
    This Nebraska Roommate Agreement is fully editable and can be easily customized to fit your specific circumstances.

    99 Year Ground Lease


    Use this comprehensive template to prepare a 99 Year Ground Lease for land that will be developed as the site of a commercial office and retail project.

    • The minimum yearly rental for the land is calculated as the greater of (a) a specified fixed amount or (b) a percentage of the annual net rentals generated by the developed property.
    • In addition to minimum annual rent, the developer (as lessee) will pay the costs of clearing the land and obtaining surrenders of leases from any existing tenants.
    • The lessee has a right of first refusal if the land owner (lessor) decides to sell or dispose of its interest in the land.
    • The lessee is responsible for carrying sufficient and proper insurance, for paying all taxes, charges, liens and utility costs for the property.
    • The lessee has the right to assign the lease or to mortgage or otherwise encumber the property without the consent of the lessor.

    The 99 Year Ground Lease template is a generic form that can be used in many regions. Downloadable and editable. Get your copy now.

    Purchase Money Promissory Note for Real Estate Purchase


    If you are selling a real estate property and allowing the buyer to pay part of the purchase price over time, secure payment of the outstanding balance with this Purchase Money Promissory Note.

    • The buyer will pay off the balance of the purchase price in regular installments, rather than having to come up with all of the purchase money in order to close the sale.
    • The Note contains an acceleration clause, meaning if the maker defaults in a payment, the entire balance together with interest becomes immediately due and payable.

    Get the Purchase Money Promissory Note signed at the same time that the other documents for the real estate purchase are executed by the buyer. Download your copy now.

    Nebraska Deed of Trust


    A Deed of Trust is often used instead of a mortgage when securing a loan to purchase real estate (except for agricultural land) in the State of Nebraska.

    • Under the Deed of Trust, title is conveyed from the seller to a trustee (such as title company) who then holds the property as security during the term of the mortgage loan.
    • If the purchaser defaults under the Deed of Trust or the note, the trustee has the power to sell the property.
    • The Deed of Trust contains uniform covenants regarding loan payments, hazard insurance, realty taxes, care and maintenance of the property, protection of the lender's security, and other standard clauses.

    To obtain your copy of the Nebraska Deed of Trust form, add it to the cart and pay for it by credit card, Paypal or Visa Debit.