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    Nevada Abandonment of Homestead


    If you have designated your home as a homestead and you are moving out, you need to file this Nevada Abandonment of Homestead form.

    • The form states that you are abandoning the property as your homestead (in other words, your principal residence, the place in which you live all or most of the time) and therefore the property is no longer exempted under the State's homestead laws.
    • The form must be filed with the County Recorder's Office and will become a public record.
    • Available in MS Word format.
    • Intended to be used only in the State of Nevada.
    Last Updated: 18-July-2022
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    Nevada Declaration of Homestead for Married Couple


    File a Declaration of Homestead for you and your spouse with this Nevada form for married couples.

    • The Declaration allows you to designate your home as a homestead, which exempts it against seizure or forced sale by your creditors to a maximum of $550,000 worth of equity.
    • Filing a homestead declaration will not prevent seizure or forced sale if the equity in the property exceeds $550,000.
    • The homestead exemption does not apply to mortgages or deeds of trust, outstanding taxes, IRS liens, liens by contractors or suppliers, or child support or alimony payments.
    • The form needs to be completed and filed with the County Recorder's office in order to become effective.

    You and your spouse can sleep better once you've filed the Nevada Declaration of Homestead for Married Couple. Buy and download the form.