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    New Hampshire Fixed Rate Mortgage Note


    This Fixed Rate Promissory Note is part of the documentation that a borrower must sign when obtaining a mortgage loan in the State of New Hampshire.

    • The borrower agrees to make equal monthly payments of principal and interest until the maturity date of the mortgage. On that date, the borrower will pay the remaining outstanding balance in full.
    • The note holder has the option to accelerate the mortgage if the borrower is in default under the note. In other words, the note holder can demand repayment of the entire outstanding balance of principal and interest.
    • If the borrower takes legal action against the note holder and is successful, the court will award reasonable attorneys' fees to the borrower.
    This New Hampshire Fixed Rate Mortgage Note is a downloadable MS Word template which is written in plain language.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    New Hampshire Residential Mortgage


    Place a mortgage on a residential property with this New Hampshire fixed rate mortgage form.

    • The mortgage form contains both uniform (multistate) covenants and non-uniform covenants specific to New Hampshire law, including how attorneys' fees will be awarded in the event of a lawsuit.
    • The mortgage is being granted to the lender as additional security for a mortgage loan, plus any additional prepayment or late payment charges, plus interest on all of the indebtedness.
    • This is a standard form of mortgage for a single family dwelling.
    New Hampshire Residential Mortgage form, available in MS Word format.