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    Deed of Lease for Commercial Property | New Zealand


    NZ landlords, lease office or retail space to a business tenant with this template New Zealand Deed of Lease for Commercial Property.

    • Expiry.The Deed of Lease includes a right to renew, but if the tenant does not renew the lease and continues to occupy the space after the expiry of the tenancy, the lease becomes month to month.
    • Rent Review. The document sets out a mechanism for current market rent reviews.
    • Outgoings and GST. The tenant is responsible for paying service charges for the premises and a proportionate share of outgoings for the building, as well as any GST payable on the lease or the outgoings.
    • Maintenance. The tenant is responsible for the care and maintenance of the leased premises.
    • Insurance. The landlord must insure the building for full replacement and reinstatement insurance or indemnity to full insurable value on the premises.
    • Guarantee. The guarantor guarantees performance of the tenant's obligations and indemnifies the landlord against claims.
    • Car Park. Provisions for rental of the car park.
    • Sublets. This Deed of Lease form can also be used for subleases.
    • Schedules. The file includes a copy of Article 11 of the First Schedule of the Arbitration Act 1996.
    • This lease contract template is fully editable and can be easily customised to meet your needs.
    • Intended for use only within New Zealand.
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    Last Updated: 25-September-2021
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