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    Hire Purchase Agreement for Equipment | New Zealand


    Lease equipment to customers in New Zealand with this easy-to-use downloadable Hire Purchase Agreement form.

    • The customer has the option to either rent on a weekly or monthly basis, or to purchase the equipment or machinery over time.
    • The customer is responsible for maintaining and insuring the equipment at its own expense.
    • The hire company has the right to inspect the equipment from time to time, without notice.
    • The customer grants the hire company a security interest over the equipment and over the customer's present and acquired personal property, to secure payment under the agreement.
    • If the customer defaults in making payments under the agreement, the hire company has the right to repossess the equipment and/or to appoint a receiver to take possession of the equipment and the customer's personal property used as security.
    • The contract includes a Statement of Customer Rights, in accordance with the Credit Contracts Act 1981.
    • This is a downloadable MS Word agreement template that is easy to customise to your exact needs.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 23-October-2018
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