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    Licence to Occupy | New Zealand


    License office, storage, or meeting space in a shared facility to a business or organisation with this New Zealand Licence to Occupy template.

    • The relationship between the parties is that of licensor and licensee, rather than landlord and tenant.
    • The licensee has no right of renewal. When the current term expires, if the parties wish to continue the occupancy, a new Licence to Occupy must be signed.
    • The licensee is responsible for paying outgoings for the premises including water, gas, telephone, electricity, rubbish collection, and the like.
    • The licensee is also responsible for obtaining and maintaining adequate insurance, including public liability nsurance.
    • The licensor is responsible for maintaining the building, grounds, carparks, etc. and for maintaining service contracts for the lifts, air conditioning and other services supplied by the licensor.
    • The licensor is also responsible for maintaining adequate property insurance for loss, damage, destruction, public liability and loss of rent.
    • If the space is being occupied for regular functions, such as monthly meetings, the licensee must provide contact information for a person responsible for organising such functions.
    • The Licence includes sample Rules of Internal Management for organisations, clubs, charities, sports teams and the like. There are also provisions covering sponsorship, generally intended for sports teams.
    • This legal contract template is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your specific needs.
    • Intended for use only in New Zealand.
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    Last Updated: 12-March-2024
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