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    Marina Berth or Mooring Rental Agreement | New Zealand


    NZ marina operators, rent mooring berths to your slip tenants with this customisable New Zealand Marina Berth / Mooring Rental Agreement.

    • The licensee (renter) agrees to pay a refundable bond, against which any damage to the berth and any unpaid rent or fees will be charged.
    • The berth cannot be used for any commercial purposes.
    • The licensee indemnifies the marina against any claims or losses arising out of the licensee's acts or omissions, and the marina will not be liable for any loss or damage to property, persons or other vessels.
    • The licensee is responsible for insuring all boats, property and items owned by the licensee or the licensee's family and guests.
    • If the licensee defaults under the Agreement, the marina has the right to remove the licensee's vessel and to forward the licensee's name to other Marina Operator Association members. The licensee will be responsible for any costs associated with collecting unpaid rent or other charges.

    Download the New Zealand Marina Berth / Mooring Rental Agreement and start using it in your business today.

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    Last Updated: 02-February-2021
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