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    North Carolina Condominium Lease Agreement


    This Condominium Lease Agreement template is a standard form lease for condo owners in North Carolina who want to rent their units to tenants.

    • The lease contains optional clauses prohibiting smoking and pets in the unit which can be easily removed or edited if not applicable.
    • The tenant will not be obligated to pay additional rent for any improvements done to the property.
    • The landlord will insure the condominium, but the tenant is responsible for obtaining his ⁄ her own insurance to cover personal property.
    • If the condominium is damaged by fire to the point of being untenantable, the rent will abate until the unit has been repaired and can be lived in again.
    • If the unit is abandoned by the tenant, the landlord may enter the premises and can dispose of any personal property left behind.
    • The lease is made in accordance with North Carolina rental laws and with the condominium rules and bylaws.

    Never lease a condominium unit to a tenant without having a comprehensive Lease Agreement in place. To obtain the digital download, add it to your cart and pay for it by clicking the Checkout button.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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