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    North Dakota Tenant's Notice of Termination


    Serve formal notice on your landlord that you are terminating your monthly lease with this North Dakota Notice of Termination (1 Month).

    • North Dakota law requires month-to-month tenants to give at least 1 calendar month's written notice to terminate their tenancy.
    • This form cannot be used for a fixed term lease that has a specified expiration date.
    • The document includes a Service of Notice, so you can record how the Notice was served on your landlord (e.g. by personal delivery or by certified mail).
    • Your landlord is required to return your security deposit within 30 days after you move out, but you must provide your forwarding address. There is a space in the form for you to do that.
    • The North Dakota Notice of Termination (1 Month) is a downloadable legal form which is easy to use. Just fill it in, print it and sign it.
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    Last Updated: 19-April-2016
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