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    Ohio Vehicle Storage Agreement


    Easily write up a Vehicle Storage Agreement for a customer with this downloadable template form for Ohio storage facilities.

    • The Storage Agreement can run month to month, or for a longer fixed term. If the contract is for a fixed term, the customer has the option to pay the annual storage fee in one lump sum payment or in monthly payments.
    • In addition to a statutory lessor's lien, the storage facility has a lien against the vehicle for rental fees and other sums due. If the customer is in default for 30 days or more, the storage facility can begin proceedings for a public sale.
    • The storage facility will provide security for the storage areas and grounds, which may include video surveillance, electronic card access, grounds and perimeter patrol, etc.
    • The vehicle owner indemnifies the storage facility against any liability for loss or damage to the vehicle and contents. The owner is responsible for carrying insurance for the full replacement value of the vehicle.
    • This legal form template is intended to be used within the State of Ohio only.
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    Last Updated: 04-November-2021
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