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    Ontario General Security Agreement


    Ontario lenders, prepare a General Security Agreement with this comprehensive template form.

    • The borrower grants the lender a security interest in all of the borrower's present and future personal property including inventory, equipment, accounts and book debts, and all proceeds therefrom.
    • The interest is being granted to the lender as security for loan financing, operating lines, or other credit facilities advanced by the lender to the borrower.
    • The Security Agreement is governed by the Ontario Personal Property Security Act.
    • This document is available as a fully editable MS Word template form.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 10-January-2021
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    Canada Promissory Note with Guarantee


    Are you loaning money to a person or a company in Canada? Secure your interest as a creditor with this Promissory Note and Guarantee.

    • The borrower agrees to pay the secured amount by monthly payments (not necessarily equal payments).
    • The Note includes a guarantee of payment by a guarantor.
    • The guarantor also agrees to ensure that the creditor receives a monthly installment payment equal to a specified percentage of the guarantor's net revenue.
    This Canada Promissory Note for Monthly Payments and Guarantee form is available as a downloadable and fully customizable MS Word file.

    Canada Loan and Charging Agreement


    Canadian lenders can use this downloadable Loan and Charging Agreement to prepare loan documents for a borrower.

    • The template includes both the Loan Agreement and a promissory note for the principal amount of the loan plus interest.
    • The borrower agrees to register an encumbrance against title to real estate owned by the borrower, as collateral security for the loan.
    • If the borrower defaults in repaying the loan, title to the property will be transferred to the lender.

    Download the Canada Loan and Charging Agreement, get it signed, and register it to secure your position as a creditor.