Ontario Renovation Contract


Ontario contractors, write up a Renovation Contract for a home owner with this easy-to-use template form.

  • Materials. The contractor agrees to provide all required materials, labor, tools, equipment and supervision.
  • Contract Price. Payment of the contract price, less required holdback under the Ontario Construction Lien Act, will be made in several payments, with the balance due on completion.
  • Change Orders. A signed change order is required for any alterations to the work specified.
  • Site Safety. The contractor is responsible for cleanup and for job site safety.
  • Home Owner's Responsibilities. The home owner is responsible for providing utilities, toilets and access to the work site.
  • Warranty. The contractor provides a 1-year warranty of the materials and workmanship and agrees to correct any defects of which it is notified in writing during the warranty period.
  • Insurance. The contractor is responsible for maintaining adequate insurance, and for complying with the requirements of the Workers Compensation Act.

Avoid any disputes or legal claims connected with your renovation project - put it all in writing in this Ontario Renovation Contract.

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